Published September 1, 2015 by ammaraj

Who yearns for a perfect skin?Value deformed skin, it shows ur a fighter. You have fought the sun, the acne, the burns and have survived. Stay strong and beautiful for real beauty lies within!



Published September 1, 2015 by ammaraj

He is a just shade in your sunny journeyIt’s been too long that you have been resting under his shade. 

Move on and complete your voyage. 

 His shade will remain there and some other deviated and lost traveller will come to take his shade for a while

But it’s very important for you to continue the journey and reach the destination.

Silly She!

Published September 1, 2015 by ammaraj

She: how can I stop loving you?He: you have to start loving yourself more than you love me

She: don’t we all love ourselves the most?

He: most of us do, but you are different , when you pray, you ask for the whole world for me and only a small place in my small heart for yourself, this is unfair, learn to value yourself, you deserve everything in this world

She: than why can’t I get you?

He: it’s maybe because I don’t deserve you!

101 on life

Published September 1, 2015 by ammaraj

Enjoy every situation life puts you in, don’t frown don’t sulk don’t be sad, just enjoy and be the best in everything you do in life. Never forget to be generous, very generous, as life is beautiful, it’s wonderful and it’s lovely. Life in itself is the greatest miracle gifted to humanity. Make the best out of life, assign tasks and just do it, you got to see the world, you got to meet amazing people, that’s all that counts, I promise!

Reality of this World

Published September 1, 2015 by ammaraj

Ammara always remember that the people of this world will only dissapoint you and that’s it.They will only use you to get your benefits and once its done will leave u there broken bruised and unattended This duniya is designed to break your heart and thats the only reality that can be. This life is only a place to play and leave

No one waits for the other and that it.

Hence don’t seek happiness in people else you be left hurt bruised and broken to an extent that even you yourself wont be able to take care of yourself. Seek happiness in God.

People only talk/use you when you are free and that’s it else they never will.

Dont let them hurt you, be strong. i know you are a kindhearted person , don’t let them bruise you, stop them now and forever.

My Beloved

Published September 1, 2015 by ammaraj

Close to u, my heart finds rest and tranquility subsides

Away from you loneliness clings my heart like shore hit the tides

Society may call it a taboo and clerics, a sin

But God knows the purity that resides within my skin

I might not ask you to go neither you to stay

But remember a person is there who raises her hands for you, to pray

So if you ever feel sad or lonely in life

Look back and see this awaited old friend

Who would do her best to cheer you up and exchange all despair with pure gratitude

No, don’t you dare mistaken this for lust 

Its a platonic token of appreciation and trust

To the best dad in the world!

Published September 1, 2015 by ammaraj

Dear dad,

To the best dad ever, from where should I start? First of all thanks for the things I never asked and you still provided and Secondly thanks for the things I asked and you provided, You have guided and loved me as much as you could. You have nurtured me with your heart and soul, and have made me a better person, a free person, an important person, and no matter how much I try to pay back, I just can’t. I’m sorry for all the troubles or shame I’ve caused you, I never meant it. I might be just one of your child out of many but I have only one dad who is the best and my super hero. You worked really hard to provide me with all that I have , excellent education, good house, all the ease and luxuries of life, thanks a lot! you are my hero and all my life I will strive to be at least 5% of who you are, if not completely. You will always reside in my heart with sweet memories of being the best dad in this world. Thanks a lot for being there and protecting me from all the dark this world has to offer. But for now I think I’m ready to cope with this world myself. Always remain on my side.



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