Tame Me Again

Published October 24, 2015 by ammaraj

Till yesterday I was full of fire, wild and freeJust wished for a place, and there I could be
But now that you have tamed me, my fire is cold

I am obliged to you and in your wishes only, I mould
Which ever face I see, I find it yours to be

You might be same as all, but for me you are unique
I find the stars to be special

For you look at them from your galley
Among the crowd I seek your face alone

For all these people with their distinctions are invaluable to me
When i see you, my soul finds rest

Away from you, grief clings to my heart
What have you got after taming me?

Wasn’t i better off without you?
But every bitter wound received by you

I have sipped obediently like sweet wine
You can ask me to stay or ask me to leave

But why only this small life for waiting?
If only it means that I can see you one more time

Id gladly wait for 10 more lives like this 
As a preacher Id call you a “wicked” for taming me

But for now I’m your lover and all I’d say is “one more time”


Inspired by “The Little Prince”.


Published October 23, 2015 by ammaraj

And i thought being independent will make me a proud young bright girl who can take over the world and never ask for help. Who does everything by herself. And now her independence has gone to such an extent that she believes that she is ready to live her life all by herself which is alone but thats not the truth, thats not how it should be, other lives must be valued, help should be appreciated, love should be accepted and grief should be accompanied. Somewhere deep down inside all of us know, no matter how beautiful the world is, how favorable the conditions are and how happy we may seem, life is something that must not be spent alone. So don’t delude yourself into thinking you are strong enough to live without the people who love you the most.

Find Yourself

Published October 23, 2015 by ammaraj

There are long empty gloomy roads, maps with out directions, companions without speech, chests full of loneliness, hearts full of wounds and eyes full of tears in the journey between what you were and what you are, but no one will even see it . Its either you make out or you get lost in the way forever.

I’m Your Poem

Published October 15, 2015 by ammaraj

Today Im your poem dearWrite me as you successfully steer
Sit across a dark alley, in a rainy night 

Cozy near the fire place, on me you should write
Make me the most enchanting song

A symphony so beautiful yet long
Make me your shiniest star

Brightest, lightest beautiful yet far
Make me your burning passion

Fresh and strong, of a compassionate fashion
Make me your adorable lover

Hard to catch yet around you it hover
Make me your greatest dream

By fulfilling it you shall gleam
Make me your saddest woe

Crying and lamenting is all you shall do
Make me your cheeks blush

Glowy dewy serene yet lush
Be honest when you write me

Flattery and blandish, sway away in sea
Now that you’ll write, visit me once too

Million admirers but ill glance only for you in queue
Today Im your poem dear

Write me as you successfully steer


A Letter Or Two

Published October 4, 2015 by ammaraj

Write me my love, a letter or twoSo my heart is soothed that you did the maximum u could do

I would lie to it that you fulfilled your vow

It was your abundant love, that i didn’t allow

But the reality is far gloomy and dark

Your disloyalty has left a deep mark

This partition has shattered me into pieces

But trust me dear, my love only increases

Come back once and see my state

Will your weak shoulders bear my pain’s weight?

Write me my love, a letter or two

So my heart is soothed that you did the maximum u could do

Silent Prayer

Published October 3, 2015 by ammaraj

When i saw the tears dripping down my friend’s eyes at the time of partition, I whispered a silent prayer to God

“Either give us a life long enough to meet again or reunite us in a better place called heaven.”

God smiled at us and replied ” Why not both?”

My Star

Published September 29, 2015 by ammaraj

In the crowd i find ur faceIn the noise i seek ur voice

In the stares i look for your eyes

In the talks i wait for your name

You may have left me forever

You may have elevated from this world

But deep inside me, you exist and flourish everyday

As a pain from the wound left on my heart

As the color of the blood circulating in my body

As the moist in the tears shed for you

I wish you can return back from the place you went

To see the anxious state you have left me in

But who can fight God after all

On bringing the dead back to this hell

The thought of you being in a better place

Soothes my heart somewhat

Else trust me dear

Your absence has killed and begotten me everyday

Whenever you think of me, smile a little

So that the farthest star shines the brightest

And gives me the hope that this life is temporary

And one day we shall reunite and light up the world with our shine


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