Time of Partition

Published April 9, 2016 by ammaraj

When i saw the tears dripping down my friend’s eyes at the time of partition, I whispered a silent prayer to God

“Either give us a life long enough to meet again or reunite us in a better place called heaven.”

God smiled at us and replied ” Why not both?”



Published April 9, 2016 by ammaraj

I want to believe that he never left me, that it was all my mistake , that i made him go too easily, i want to believe in all my lies created for him

Find Yourself

Published April 9, 2016 by ammaraj

There are long empty gloomy roads, maps with out directions, companions without speech, chests full of loneliness, hearts full of wounds and eyes full of tears in the journey between what you were and what you are, but no one will even see it . Its either you make out or you get lost in the way forever.


Published April 7, 2016 by ammaraj

There is a time to live and a time to die, and till the time to die not arrive you have to make sure that you have made the maximum out of your time to live, for some people die way before their time to death and some people even live after their time to death.

Life 101

Published April 7, 2016 by ammaraj

Life is beautiful, trust it, embrace it, cherish it, its a one way ticket. Dont hurt anyone, make everyday count, smile more often, take life but its collar and make the max out of it. Dont wait things to happen. Do things. Love what you are doing. Fall in love more often. Give your heart to people. Be crazily in love with everything around you. Be yourself and be loveable.Yes life is crazy, its hard, it’s lovely but as long as there is life, there is hope of better things to happen. Of you being happier and crazier and more lovely. Of life being more beautiful just by your mere existence.

For the Beloved

Published April 7, 2016 by ammaraj


I miss my beloved just like a wanderer in scorching sun misses water or a lost child in a crowd misses his mother. I miss him and look at the moon and realize that somewhere far distance he would be looking at the same moon which makes the moon more beautiful than usual just because my beloved glanced at it.
Come and see the state you have left me in. I would take ur name and wander aimlessly like a gypsy going from door to door asking about you in the hope that one day you initiate to find me in this town too. And that day would be the loveliest of all my days for ill be reunited with my beloved and the far distant moon wouldn’t be his or mine for it will be ours and us forever.



Published April 7, 2016 by ammaraj

With you, shyness hovers over, away from you sadness clings to me like sea does to the shore. Woe to both situations and the irony that exists between them. At the end neither the shyness nor the sadness makes me crave u any lesser.