A Letter Or Two

Published October 4, 2015 by ammaraj

Write me my love, a letter or twoSo my heart is soothed that you did the maximum u could do

I would lie to it that you fulfilled your vow

It was your abundant love, that i didn’t allow

But the reality is far gloomy and dark

Your disloyalty has left a deep mark

This partition has shattered me into pieces

But trust me dear, my love only increases

Come back once and see my state

Will your weak shoulders bear my pain’s weight?

Write me my love, a letter or two

So my heart is soothed that you did the maximum u could do

Silent Prayer

Published October 3, 2015 by ammaraj

When i saw the tears dripping down my friend’s eyes at the time of partition, I whispered a silent prayer to God

“Either give us a life long enough to meet again or reunite us in a better place called heaven.”

God smiled at us and replied ” Why not both?”

My Star

Published September 29, 2015 by ammaraj

In the crowd i find ur faceIn the noise i seek ur voice

In the stares i look for your eyes

In the talks i wait for your name

You may have left me forever

You may have elevated from this world

But deep inside me, you exist and flourish everyday

As a pain from the wound left on my heart

As the color of the blood circulating in my body

As the moist in the tears shed for you

I wish you can return back from the place you went

To see the anxious state you have left me in

But who can fight God after all

On bringing the dead back to this hell

The thought of you being in a better place

Soothes my heart somewhat

Else trust me dear

Your absence has killed and begotten me everyday

Whenever you think of me, smile a little

So that the farthest star shines the brightest

And gives me the hope that this life is temporary

And one day we shall reunite and light up the world with our shine


Published September 29, 2015 by ammaraj

I promised her that whenever she will see me, ill carry a smile but today was different, she was weeping because she couldnt see me smiling under 6 feet of earth.

Dedication to Expired Loved Ones…

Published September 29, 2015 by ammaraj

Even today when people take your name, a part of you starts weeping inside me with a smile, the part that you left in me, the part that i loved the most. My heart that was always yours. But now that you have gone, this part is nothing but a lump of meat.

Dedicated to the loved ones that have left us way to early and gone way too far.


Published September 29, 2015 by ammaraj

I looked at the moon and then i looked at my beloved. And i wondered how beautiful would He be who created them both. 

Dedicated to the beautiful moon tonight. SubhanAllah  

Majazi Majnoon (Virtual Beloved)

Published September 26, 2015 by ammaraj

My dear non existent majnoon
Ill find you till the end of my doom
This beloved dwells in a distant isolated land

With mountain tops, rivers, forests and sand

Come to me, and see my disquieted state

Don’t get lost, and head my realm straight
If you decide, come with a genuine smile

Even if you encounter aisles, don’t be vile
Come and judge me beyond my skin

Accept my goodness and forgive my sins
Let us strive to get engaged in deep talks

About love and life , oceans and rocks
Now that you”ll come, don’t leave my side 

Fight this lovely battle till I’m your bride
You are the majnoon and love of my life

Be mine forever and accept me as your wife



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