Marriage: A blessing or a curse?

Published June 18, 2014 by ammaraj

ringIn our society marriage is considered the most integral part of one’s life. It is believed that marriage completes a person. As they say in Greek mythology when Zeus cut the children of moon ( who were male combined with female) into half , each half sought the other half all its life till they got reunited. Marriage is considered pretty much the same just there is one problem…

In our socities we are only told about the good things about marriage which most of the times are only delusions which merely exist for example the concept of happily ever after, a companion for love and affection, a big happy family and so on. But let me come towards matters that you wont be likely ever told about marriage…
Matter No 1: Sacrifice:
Sacrifice is a big part of any married life and it can come from either spouse, marriage is not some happy-go-lucky charm, it really takes a lot of “giving up” on habits, jobs, desires, passions, careers, etc.

Matter No 2: Responsibilities:

From the day 1 of your marriage till your death bed, marriage will surround you with a deep ocean of responsibilities, of your husband, of your in-laws, of your children etc.

Matter No 3: Worries and Stress:
First the stress of not having children, then stress of having them, then their school, then their college, then their jobs, then their marriage and then the kids of your kids and so on…

Matter No 4:Privacy Exploitation:

Marriage and privacy are two parallel roads that can never meet no matter how much you try, what’s their is yours and what’s yours is theirs, period.

Matter No 5: Constrain
Marriage has the ability to bound and paralyze you to a very great extent. The companionship and obligation can restrain you from following your life long dreams and passions.

Of course there are always 2 sides to a coin, like its curses, it has its blessings too but marriage is a vow which is not to be forced upon someone, but it should be fulfilled with full dedication  and commitment whole heartedly.

Journey Back To Life (Cry of A Sinner)

Published June 16, 2014 by ammaraj

Drunkard with illusions

Chit chat with boys

No goals, nothing

What an unnecessary noise!


My life has been empty

My goals are abandoned

I am leading to a mere dilusion

these lonely eyes are saddened


Give me a power to conquer

all the deepest regrets and fears

lead me to the straight path

and wipe away all my tears


Bring me back to life oh Lord!

A duration has passed since the lights are seen

Make me one of your beloveds

and turn this filthy soul, clean


If you go this time oh Lord

I wont be able to bear

this aimless and clumsy way of living

My life would be shattered! I swear


So stay close to me

and guide me to whats right

So I grow up one day

to praise your infinite might


Published June 16, 2014 by ammaraj

Someday I would forget him

Someday he’d just be a memory

Someday there wont be shrills of sadness

Someday but not today


Someday flowers will bloom again

Someday I’d dance to the wind of spring

Someday love will come again

Someday but not today


Someday happiness will hover over

Someday I’d find myself serene

Someday patience will bear its fruit

Someday but not today


Till that “Someday” arrives

I’d be patient and have faith

while waiting for the day when I wont write

“Someday but not today”

United Arab Emirates – A Story OF Bravery And Valour

Published November 11, 2013 by ammaraj

Far away in the desert i see a boy with a white turban
Shy,bowed down, away from the lives of the urban

He runs near the shore,work and play
while wearing a throb with stains of clay

though he’s poor and has not a penny to spare
yet he’s content and is living his live with a dare

he’s not sure if he’ll live another day
yet he believes in miracles, kings and fay

During the day he works at the harbor with his dad
and at night its the moon who befreinds this lad

He tell this friend about his adventures and stories
hoping one day that his people will cherish his glories

he’s an indigent boy with an empty hand
but its his eminent dreams that make him stand

The dream to see his country leap
so that no one again ever weep

The dream to see his descendants rise
because of the efforts of men who were wise

The dream to see his people unite
A nation of knights full of might

Yet again today i saw this boy
he’s a man now though, working as an envoy

I can still see that smile on his face
the elegance and beauty which gave him grace

The smile with which he chased his dreams
due to which today only happiness gleams

how can i thank you my beloved child?
for you are the reason why this country smiled

today’s your day tomorrow who knows
but i pray that its your courage which every man shows

you’re the emir of this nation my dear

so live your life without any fear

Know that you’re life will be the one which we;ll commemorate
I promise you my son, for i am the United Arab Emirates


Voice Of An Enslaved Man…

Published April 13, 2013 by ammaraj



Come you, Oh Mighty Men

You may enslave my body

My heart shall always be free

No matter how many years

You decide to keep me in this den

I was born a free man

My heart is free to roam around

Mind is free to think and question

You think these chain can enslave me?

Oh men make your thinking a bit more mild

Since my journey from the mother’s womb

I’ve seen lovely places and sights

Sweet memories are engraved deep down inside

You think you can steal that all away?

For sure I’ll take them along in my tomb

The injustices of the life

Has made my body tired

Old and worn out

Like a used rubber tire

With deep cut scars of knife

Yet my heart is young and plump

Defeating the sweetness of the pomegranates of winter

Mischieveous yet scared like an infant child

Yet ready to trust and love like never broken

“Why don’t you learn from experience oh lump?”

Don’t judge me by my scars and bruises

Come to me once with love and care

My heart is still pure and gentle

Time has made my face like that

Free me from pain so that my heart and soul fuses

A Complain To A Beloved!

Published February 23, 2013 by ammaraj

Oh my beloved wife!

What’s my sin after all?

Come back to me once again

Reunion is what my grief calls!


Its been 20 years since I saw you last

your beautiful face made me your no 1 fan

Where have you gone my love?

I thought I was your only man!


Don’t you remember the day we wed?

With shyness , that divine smile you carried

the way you took care was a testimony

to the fact that none else I could have married


Now that you are gone my love.

Everything reminds me of your beauty and grace

From the dress you wore to your favorite lace

Graveyard is indeed what you have turned my place


Your children and I miss you badly

Pay us one last visit as a personal favor

After that you can go any where you want

Just consider us once, worthy of this last savor


Oh my beloved wife,

why have you turned so cold?

Does nothing remind you of us?

Or are we mere a folk story been told?


Just come back to my life once

And see what you have done

You have left me empty-handed

I’m sure now you are having fun


I’ll come back again, tomorrow my love

to ask you “how you are? “

hoping this time, you will talk back to me

your absence has left a deep down scar


Rest in peace there my friend

Its been 20 years since you have died

I still love you to bits and pieces

Still wish you were on my side

PS:Love you forever and till eternity with a light in my heart that our reunion will be in heaven God-willingly.

What Is Happiness?

Published February 11, 2013 by ammaraj


For years I am trying to contemplate the real definition behind “being happy”.What is happiness? When does a human become happy? and what’s the point in life where a human can reach his maximum happiness and maintain it for the rest of his life?The point where he can call himself “The happiest man on earth” and will this happiness remain with him forever till he dies?

So lets see when does a human become happy.If we see human psychology, history and research proves that happiness comes from achievements and rewards, the sense of being successful.When we work hard in an exam and get an A, we become happy.When we put extra efforts in our job and get incentives, we become happy.When God bless us with children, we become happy.When the same children grow up to be obedient,hard-working citizens , we become happy.When we go on a trip with our family, we become happy.

But I ask you one question today.Does this happiness lasts forever.Can you say that this trip to Europe from which you came back only last week gave you so much happiness that you will live with content for the rest of your life? Remember the day when you got married or bought a new car or had your first child and you were so happy that your happiness knew no bound.So what happened now? Why do you still not feel the same?Why has the spark of happiness extinguished now?

The simple answer to this question is that like everything in this world,happiness is also temporary.You may feel happy for some minutes,hours,days, weeks or even a whole year but that’s it , the feeling of happiness won’t last forever.Nothing lasts in this life forever neither pain, anger and sadness nor content, happiness and victory.If there is one super-being who would last forever.He is Allah Al-Mighty.


So the real maximum happiness that a person could attain after which he gets convinced that he could not get happier is not an affair of this life but its a miracle of the next-life when Allah will honor and reward his beloved and obedient servants who suffered silently all the trials and tribulations of the world solely for his sake.Servants who were grateful to Allah and worshiped none but him alone.When Allah will give them the good news of paradise, in real and literal sense their happiness would know no bound.This will be the moment when they will become truly happy and will consider themselves, the happiest man that could exist and this happiness will remain with them, with the same exact intensity till they remain in paradise which is forever,infinity till eternity.

At the end I would like to make a request to all the people who are reading this, that instead of craving for the short-lived happiness, this materialistic life offers by the fulfilment of one’s temptations.One should crave for the eternal bliss of the here-after, which is infinite times stronger and lasts forever.
Thank you.

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